Shanghai’s century-old tie with Wushu dates back to 1910 when Wushu master Huo Yuanjia founded Jing Wu Athletic Association in Shanghai. Later, it became known as Chin Woo Athletic Federation.


Wushu has a history of 4,000 years in China. Shanghai is rethinking about its benefits to today's world as a "major achievement of the human civilizaiton" in globalization!


Inclusiveness is the spirit of Shanghai. Shanghai has strong cultural compatibility. What's more, "Innovation and wisdom are everywhere are thriving in the city. Sports have been deeply integrated into the city. Sports, especially wushu, have become an important way of life of the people.



Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in China and has ideal conditions for hosting the event. More importantly, Shanghai is dedicated to building a "world-famous sports city" with its sports industry valuing a total of 50 billion dolloars.


Shanghai has proposed to build itself into a “world-renowned sports city”, which will be part and parcel of the government’s general plan in the next few years. Compared with other sports, Wushu boasts extraordinary significance and is paid to great attention by the city.


Particularly in recent years, Shanghai not only has made remarkable achievements in wushu, but also has been innovative in the inheritance and promotion of its spirit.


Now Shanghai has the opportunity to host the world top level wushu tournament. Shanghai will try our best to make it a big success and take the chance to offer you a “China Proposal” for the better of the sport of wushu around the world.

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